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The Superiority of PC Gaming

The Dong Victory Dance

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That Dress Needs Some Calibrating

When That Game You Love is Updated

The Grandeur of Wizardry IV

Just Another Valentine's Day in Smash Bros.

This Feels Wrong

The Systems Have Changed, But the Excitement Stays the Same

Behind the Scenes With the Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Ryu for the Wii U

Sonic Fan Fiction Might Have Gone Too Far...

My Life is Now Complete

I Need to Go to the Library Way More Often


Stay Classy, Blues

Apparently the Xbox One Launched in Japan Today...

Big Mistake

Can't Get Mad at Him for Still Loading...

In Other News, Legend of Dragoon Was a Fantastic Game

This is How Far from the TV You Should Sit When Playing Xbox One

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