You Gonna Go Wee Wee Wee, Human?

Nature Is A Cruel Mistress

Better Stock Up On Toona And Fuzzy Mice

It's Sure to Get You Charged!

Bird's-eye view From Kitteh Skybox

Food Time Forever Pls

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He's Awfully Cold

But He Wasn't Happy

Cwazy Turtle iz Cwazy Fast

They're at it Again

Must Be Catolics

Unfortunately I Can't Deny That I've Been Bingeing Either

They're Just Delicious!

Turn On The Tap And Run

Look at Meh! I Deh Hoomin!

The Family Gets Wise

Current Ears are Working Just Fine, Thanks

It's All Wrong Human!

Do Not Disturb Me, Unless it's Very, Very Funny.

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Is Tragedy!