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Another Memorable Batch of TV Catchphrases!

Up! Ornament

Me Too...

Ever Wanted to See Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are Like When They're High?

Everytime Swayze Touches Someone

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Prince Charles Is The Dalek Here

Nick Cannon in Whiteface Causes an Online Uproar

Marty McFly Screams A Lot


B*tches Don't Know About My He-Man Obsession

Because You're Worth It

Very Demotivational: BEING A CHILD STAR

Wedinator: Jealousy!

I Think We're Good

Ellen DeGeneres, Beauty Expert

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The Simpsons Show Behind the Scenes of Ellen's Amazing Oscars Selfie

Um...I found this in the hallway. Should I put it in the Lost and Found box?

Steve Martin's Acceptance Speech

I wish I knew how to quit you.

Forever A Situation

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