Douche-Mobile FAIL

Must Be a VERY Important Tag

This is Why We Don't Let Robots Do Wedding Photography

The Laziest Kind of Multitasking

... With a Steak Dinner!

This Tumbleweed Firenado Proves That Nature is Still ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING

Clam Shell Packaging: The Source of All Our Woes

The Unluckiest Guy Gets Stuck in an Elevator With a Genuine Crazy Person. Elevator Karaoke Ensues.

Mixed Messages, Much?

The President Commits a Serious Chipotle Faux Pas

It's Quiet, Just Like a Jet Engine!

Evolution FAIL

Nobody Gets "Stumble Through a Fence" Drunk Quite Like the Australians

A Very Painful Thanksgiving, Brought to You by AFV

It Was All Routine Training Exercises Until a Mortar Decided to Misbehave

Nobody Compliments the Personal Brand Quite Like That, Thanks!

No Spellcheck Either!

Wrong Way, Dude!

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One's Going for a Dive, the Other Needs a Wig

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Mike Never Gets Any Respect