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I Can't Hear You!

No No No, First You Release the 13-Song Album, THEN the Same Album With Bonus Tracks

Aspiring Rock Stars Take Note: THIS Is How You Promote Your Album

Can't You Read the Sign?

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Happy St. Patty's Day!

Try This at Home!

Skrillex Talks To Household Appliances

The Church of Maiden

Because an Acoustic Cover of "We Can't Stop" Was Inevitable...

One of These Things Is Not the Other

Daft Queen

Cannons Make Everything Better

I Had No Fear, Until I Met the Human Slim Jim

Epic Rap Battles: Batman vs Sherlock Holmes

Walking Fast, Faces Pass and He's Homebound

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Player Four Has Entered the Game

DJ Cusses Out an Annoying Fan

Proof That Country > EDM

What Eloquent Beauty

A Musical Tribute to Sweden

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