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Señor Gif: Better Than Any Babysitter

Man Vs. Kimmel

Jesus Holding Old Glory: Doesn't Get Much More 'Murican Than That

F YEAH It's Friday!

The Sims: If Only This Worked In Real Life

They Don't Stand AaChance

In Go Skittles...

Psssh... Whatever!

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Estimates

One of the Best Feelings Growing Up

I'm Sorry, Goodbye, Sweet Prince

This Could Be Eucalyptus But You Leafing

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Good Guy Greg's Face is Stuck That Way

It's Not Called a MOMRPG For a Reason

Not That Spicy, They Said

This Comparison Was Bound 2 Happen

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And Now, a Dramatic Facebook Reading

This Girl Needs to Grow Up, NOW!

The Cross of a Frog