Well Played, Mike

The Creationist Cosmos

No Matter How Fast You Run, The Snake Can Keep Up With You

Hmm... Pancakes or French Toast?

One Letter Makes All The Difference

Sounds Like a Plan

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Wow, So Amazing (You Dumb@ss)

This is What Instant Karma Looks Like

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Please Do What You Can to Help

Oh Cody. Cody, Cody, Cody.


Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin Clowned the Hell Out of the Media and the NFL During Their Press Conference This Week

Go Back to Watching The Crumpet Report or Whatever You Damn Brits Watch!

I Didn't Even Know This Was Possible

The Epic Movie Trailer Voice Guy Prank

You Don't Say?

Hey, Sexy...


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This Dog Will Poop No More

Wait... Ahh!